Friday, June 7, 2019

Every year the Underwood School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) hosts the Spring Carnival (Carnival). This is a fun and festive event for our more than 300 children. The event also raises much needed funds to support our student’s educational and overall elementary school experience. All funds raised at the Carnival contribute to our annual working budget in support of the PTO's sponsored programs at the Underwood School. This budget includes technology purchases, purchases of books for the library, special educational programming for children to name a few.

The Carnival is organized by parent volunteers and takes place at the Underwood School’s playground and the adjoining city park. The Carnival attracts over 800 guests with games, contests, “jumpy castle”-type inflatables, sports, music and other entertainment.

To become a Carnival Sponsor, contact Jennifer Tsuda at

To volunteer or for more information contact Laura Kennan or Brian Goodwin at

Underwood Teacher Raffle!

Enter to win a chance to spend time with your favorite Underwood teachers!

Tickets for the Annual Underwood PTO Teacher Party Raffle go on sale Wednesday, May 29. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can buy or the number of events you can enter to win. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to support your school and have a chance at winning:

  1. View the list of events (in-person or online). A list of events will be on display in front of the Underwood School office starting Tuesday, May 28 through Friday, June 7. The list will also be on display at the Spring Carnival. To view the list of events online, scroll below or CLICK HERE.
  2. Purchase your raffle tickets (in-person or online). Tickets are $1 each (or a sheet of 12 for $10). In addition to the tickets sent home with your student, there will also be tickets available outside the school office (starting Tuesday, May 28th, through Friday, June 7). Simply fill out your tickets, place them in a sealed envelope with cash or check payable to "Underwood PTO" and return to the office. To purchase online, go to and we will fill out the tickets for you.*
  3. Get ready to raffle! Teacher Party winners will be drawn at the Spring Carnival on Friday, June 7. You don’t have to be present to win!

Thank you for supporting the Underwood PTO and we look forward to seeing you at the Spring Carnival on Friday, June 7!

*Note: For online ticket purchases, please include the event number under the “Memo” section. If you are purchasing tickets for multiple events, include the amount of tickets you are purchasing for each event. Example: Amount: $20 (Enough for 20 tickets; sheet of 12 tickets for $10, plus 10 single tickets at $1 each). Memo: 5 tickets for Event 1; 7 tickets for Event 4; 4 tickets for Event 6; 4 tickets for Event 10. See the Teacher Party Raffle event flyer.