Membership Dues

The Underwood PTO funds and supports programs and materials above and beyond those afforded by the City of Newton’s education budget, supplementing and supporting our children’s curriculum and cultural growth. On an annual basis, the Underwood PTO budget provides approximately $120 worth of support per student and continues to enhance the Underwood community and experience for students and families.

Where does the PTO spend funding?

The Underwood PTO operating budget is approximately $40,000 annually. Funds raised are used toward technology & library purchases, teacher, specialist, and principal allocations, and enrichment programming, such as the Creative Arts & Sciences Program (CASC), Understanding Our Differences, CAPP and much more. The interactive chart below details where PTO dollars are spent.

Did you know? 

  • $60 pays for a week of music for 30 students!
  • $100 helps fund new PE equipment for 50 students!
  • $250 underwrites one week of art for 165 students!
  • $500 covers the cost of 50 library books!
  • $1,000 covers the cost of 2 new iPads for the classrooms! 

How can I contribute?

  • Online: Contributions can be made online on our Donate page.
  • By Mail: Download the Donation Form here and checks can be mailed to Underwood PTO, 101 Vernon Street, Newton, MA 02458.
  • In Person: Download the Donation Form here and donate by check using the cut away slip on the donation form and placing it in the PTO mailbox in the school office.
  • Company Matching Program: Many companies have matching programs for donations made to nonprofit organizations.

Thank you for your continued support.