Big Thank You - From the Underwood PTO!

Thanks to all who helped organize, volunteer at, and participate in the annual spring Carnival, as well as many other activities and fundraisers throughout the year. This year's Carnival was a huge success. While everyone we met seemed to have spectacular fun, Liz and Steve Tabor had a particular blast getting their basket prize into their Mini Cooper! They were the winners of the 4th/5th Grade Gift Cards for Toys & Treats basket.

Liz is a lunch monitor at Underwood, her husband is Steve. “We had fun getting it home and taking it apart. It took us awhile! I love the school and the kids.”

Underwood School Library :: Book Wish List

The Underwood School Library book wish list offers an assortment of books available to purchase and donate to the Underwood Library.

Donating a book in honor of a student's birthday, or in honor of a student's teacher, offers an impactful way for Underwood families to celebrate the importance of literacy and our school library. Each donated book will include a donation plate on the inside cover of the book honoring the person the book has been donated in honor of, as well as the name of the individual or family making the donation.

Here is how the program works:

  1. Visit with your student and select a book to donate.
  2. Add the book to your cart.
  3. The “Underwood School Library's Gift Registry Address” will appear as an option under your default shipping address. Select that option.
  4. You will then have the option to add a gift message. Please include the message you would like to be put on the donation plate here.

Thank you in advance for supporting this program!

Jean Stehle
Library Teacher
Underwood School

Underwood Online Directory

All families who have provided the PTO with their emails will receive login information to update and utilize our new online directory system today. This system is more convenient, more environmentally conscious, and can be updated throughout the school year. It also gives families access to contact info over a month earlier than in past years! Please look for an email from Underwood PTO and MySchoolAnywhere shortly to get started. Click the "Read more" link below for more information.

Underwood Merchandise

Show your school spirit! We have Underwood merchandise available for children of all ages and sizes: sweatshirts, t-shirts, flannel pants, and water bottles. Fill out the order form below, or print out the PDF and return to the PTO mailbox in the main office. Click the Read More link below for more information.

Calling All Volunteers!

Underwood depends on volunteers like you to support our community and fundraising efforts. Please let us know how you may be willing to help during the school year! Indicating interest here doesn't bind you to anything, but will help us in targeting our volunteer solicitations throughout the school year. 

CASC at Underwood

What We Do: Since 1960, each Newton Public School PTO has had a Creative Arts & Sciences Committee that sponsors visiting programs to enhance K-8 education. Presenters typically include award-winning authors, accomplished musicians, artists, and poets, and the Museum of Science Boston and the Discovery Museums of Acton. Programs can be an adjunct to art, English, library, mathematics, music, physical education, science, or social studies curricula.

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