Officer’s Responsibilities

Overlook the PTO Board and Committee responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • PTO Meetings
  • PTO Sponsored Principal’s Coffees
  • PTO Board Meetings
  • Fall, Winter and Spring Fundraisers
  • Creative Arts and Sciences (CASC)
  • Back to School Picnic
  • Merchandise Sales
  • PTO Newsletters
  • Email blasts
  • Flyers and kiosk
  • Maintain family data/directory to share with Communications Officers
  • Attend PTO Council meetings bi-monthly and meetings with the principal monthly
  • Represent PTO at Kindergarten Orientation Night
  • Create and overlook the PTO budget with the Treasurer
  • Create Nominating Committee and PTO Slate of Officers
  • Act as a liaison between the community, PTO Board, and Principal

Vice President of Fundraising:

  • Oversee fundraising efforts;
  • Develop recommended budget for fundraising events for PTO Annual Budget;
  • Act as liaison between fundraising committees (i.e. Mystery Dinner, Spring Social, Spring Carnival) and the PTO Board;
  • Coordinate scheduling of fundraising events;
  • Evaluate effectiveness/value of fundraisers held;
  • Research and recommend fundraising events/techniques.

The vice president(s) leads the organization and meetings in the absence of the co-presidents, acquaints new leaders with the PTO, ensures accurate record keeping, and works with the rest of the Board to maintain PTO bylaws.

Communications Officer:

  • Compile newsletter; participate as part of newsletter committee (to determine publication schedule and proofread before publication);
  • Learn mechanics of the PTO communications platform (shared responsibility with co-presidents) and assist co-presidents and committees with publicity of upcoming initiatives;
  • Help to maintain/update the content of;
  • Assist with the compilation and publication of the School-Wide Directory.


  • Maintain PTO meeting minutes;
  • Maintain files/copies of all documentation;
  • Oversee filings required with the Secretary of State’s Office;
  • Handle Officers’ liability insurance.


  • Manage payments and receipts;
  • Oversee budget spreadsheet;
  • Oversee bank accounts holding PTO funds;
  • Oversee and communicate special funding requests;
  • Maintain, prepare, and file necessary forms including tax returns.