Officer’s Responsibilities

Overlook the PTO Board and Committee responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • PTO Meetings
  • PTO Sponsored Principal’s Coffees
  • PTO Board Meetings
  • Fall, Winter and Spring Fundraisers
  • Creative Arts and Sciences (CASC)
  • Back to School Picnic
  • Merchandise Sales
  • PTO Newsletters
  • Email blasts
  • Flyers and kiosk
  • Maintain family data/directory to share with Communications Officers
  • Attend PTO Council meetings bi-monthly and meetings with the principal monthly
  • Represent PTO at Kindergarten Orientation Night
  • Create and overlook the PTO budget with the Treasurer
  • Create Nominating Committee and PTO Slate of Officers
  • Act as a liaison between the community, PTO Board, and Principal

Vice President of Fundraising:

  • Oversee fundraising efforts;
  • Develop recommended budget for fundraising events for PTO Annual Budget;
  • Act as liaison between fundraising committees (i.e. Mystery Dinner, Spring Social, Spring Carnival) and the PTO Board;
  • Coordinate scheduling of fundraising events;
  • Evaluate effectiveness/value of fundraisers held;
  • Research and recommend fundraising events/techniques.

The vice president(s) leads the organization and meetings in the absence of the co-presidents, acquaints new leaders with the PTO, ensures accurate record keeping, and works with the rest of the Board to maintain PTO bylaws.

Vice President of Community Building:

  • Oversee community building event efforts;
  • Develop recommended budget for community building events for PTO Annual Budget;
  • Act as liaison between community building event committees (i.e. Movie Nights, Socials, Welcome Back Picnic) and the PTO Board;
  • Coordinate scheduling of community building events;
  • Evaluate effectiveness/value of community building events held;
  • Research and recommend community building events/techniques.

This position oversees a variety of programs and activities to build bridges among all families within the Underwood community, including helping Underwood’s Boston families feel welcome. The VP of Community Building recruits volunteers and organizes various family events throughout the year to help families connect to each other.

Vice President of Communications:

  • Compile newsletter; participate as part of newsletter committee (to determine publication schedule and proofread before publication);
  • Learn mechanics of the PTO communications platform (shared responsibility with co-presidents) and assist co-presidents and committees with publicity of upcoming initiatives;
  • Help to maintain/update the content of;
  • Assist with the compilation and publication of the School-Wide Directory.

Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

  • Oversee DEI efforts at Underwood and in our community;
  • Report to the Board on any DEI-related updates, programming or concerns;
  • Oversee Families Organizing For Racial Justice (FORJ) programming at Underwood;
  • Oversee Boston-Newton connections at Underwood.


  • Maintain PTO meeting minutes;
  • Maintain files/copies of all documentation;
  • Oversee filings required with the Secretary of State’s Office;
  • Handle Officers’ liability insurance.


  • Manage payments and receipts;
  • Oversee budget spreadsheet;
  • Oversee bank accounts holding PTO funds;
  • Oversee and communicate special funding requests;
  • Maintain, prepare, and file necessary forms including tax returns.