Back to School Backyard Socials

Calling all parents and guardians! We are so excited to start a new twist on an old Underwood tradition! In lieu of the old potlucks, we’re hosting grade-level outdoor socials for parents and guardians (yes, no kids allowed – please do not bring children!)

These evening events will be held outdoors and hosted by families from your child’s grade(s). Each will feature light refreshments (think cookies and beverages!)

The dates for each grade are below, please mark your calendar for your applicable grade(s). Keep an eye out for locations and other details in the coming weeks!

Parties will be held 6-8pm:

  • Kindergarten – Saturday 9/18
  • 1st Grade – Friday 9/24
  • 2nd Grade – Saturday 9/25
  • 3rd Grade – Friday 10/1
  • 4th Grade – Friday 9/17
  • 5th Grade – Friday 9/24

Please RSVP to each grown-up party applicable to your student(s) grade. Addresses for each party will be only shared with grade-specific RSVPs.