Crocodile River Music

COMING SOON! November 2 – CAS Performance Series Presents Crocodile River Music

Underwood’s Creative Arts & Sciences (CAS) committee is excited to welcome Crocodile River Music on November 2 for two performances of Dakar-Bamako Express. 

We are pleased to share that this year’s Performance Series is open to parents and caregivers. Performances will be at 8:30am for grades K-2 and at 9:30am for grades 3-5 in the Underwood Gymnasium. Please fill out the following Google form if you wish to attend so that we know how many seats to set. Sign Up Here

CAS programming is made possible through PTO funding and coordination among all of the volunteer CAS grade reps – Hai Ly Burk (5th), Melanie Chan (4th), Lana Bilzerian (3rd), Bung Wang (2nd), Brooke Hegarty (1st), Alex Slater (Kindergarten), Caryn Izhar and Lisa Wong (Co-CAS Chairs).

Dakar-Bamako Express, named after the railway that connected many people and cultures across a short distance of 800 miles, presents audiences with a high-energy African music experience. Featuring performers from Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Tanzania and America, this ultra-interactive assembly performance showcases some of the diversity of music and dance found in West Africa. The team blends instruments such as the djembe, dunun, balafon, kora, calabash, steel pan, kamale n’goni, 6-string electric bass, with vocals in 4 languages to create an immersive and inclusive experience for audiences of all ages. 

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