First Day of School is tomorrow! :)

We are so excited to welcome your children back to school tomorrow, September 9, 2021. Unfortunately, the forecast indicates that it will rain and to avoid any confusion during the morning drop off, I have outlined a revised plan for the first day of school. 

Morning Arrival (9/9 Arrival Map):

  • K-2: Line up under the tents
    • At 8:05am, K-2 Teachers will greet their students with their large signs under the tent Grade 1 will line up closest to Eldredge, then Grade 2, then Grade K closest to the parking lot side of the tent. At 8:10am, Grade 1 & 2 Teachers will walk students into the building through the main entrance. Kindergarten will enter through the entrance by the parking lot.
  • Grades 3-5: Line up in the gymnasium
    • At 8:05am, 3-5 Teachers will greet students in the gymnasium with their large signs. Students will enter through the side door #5 by the gymnasium (near the parking lot), wave goodbye to their parents & caregivers outside, and proceed inside to the gymnasium. 
  • Unfortunately, parents/caregivers are not permitted inside of the building.
  • Nurse Carrie will be stationed underneath the tent to collect forms, medication, answer questions, etc.

Snack & Lunch:

Our priority this year will be to enjoy snack and lunch outside, although tomorrow’s rain will result in eating indoors. Not to worry! Students will be spaced apart and staggered throughout their classrooms (snack time) and the multipurpose room/cafeteria (lunch time). As a friendly reminder, students are expected to pack a snack every day. While students can bring lunch to school, grab and go lunches will be available for anyone who needs or wants one. Students must let their teacher know in the morning if they intend to get lunch at school.

Underwood is a peanut/tree nut SAFE school.  

This means that unless you have been notified not to pack snacks/lunches containing peanuts/tree nuts by your student’s classroom teacher, students are allowed to bring in food that contains peanuts and tree nuts.

Underwood implements policies set by NPS to minimize the risk of exposure to food allergens that pose a threat to students. 

  1. We have a NO SHARING/NO TRADING policy: students are not allowed to eat food beyond what their parents have packed for them. If your child is planning on eating a Whitsons grab and go lunch, they are peanut/tree nut free (they are also free of cost again this year to all students).
  2. We wipe down surfaces that students eat from after eating to eliminate any allergen residue which reduces the risk of cross contamination. 
  3. Students wash their hands before and after eating. Hand sanitizer or soap & water is used before eating for infection control reasons. After students eat, they wash their hands with soap and water because soap and water neutralizes allergens potentially left on hands/fingers.
  4. Teachers avoid the use of food for classroom and school wide functions.
  5. Parents will be notified in advance of any food being used for a school based activity including food that may be used/consumed on field trips.
  6. Teachers who have students with food allergies are notified by Nurse Carrie at the beginning of the year. These lists are also made available to the lunch monitors who supervise students during lunch.

I am hopeful that this information is helpful to you. The first day of school is a joyous time for students, staff, and families alike. Our teachers and staff have been hard at work preparing for our students’ arrival. We are SO EXCITED for tomorrow and to have all our students back together inside of the Underwood School building!