Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in our 4th annual Gingerbread Decorating party! Special thanks to our festive host, Lisa Wong! 

There were 34 entires this year, and Dr. Talukdar and Ms. Rickelle had 

Category:  Most Colorful 

WINNER!! :  Olivia and Charlotte Jaroszewski

Honorable mention:  Kassad Peters

Category:  Funniest 

WINNER!!:  Bronwyn Jackel

Honorable mention:  Kobe Wong

Category:  Most School Spirit

WINNER!!:  Jake and Emmy-Sophia Miloslavsky

Honorable mention:  Laurel Souza

Category:  Most Creative

Most Creative was perhaps one of the more challenging categories as there were so many to choose from! 

WINNER!!:  Henry Padgett

Honorable mentions:  Myra Bajwa, Lily Moore, and Logan Silverthorne

View ALL the houses here: