Mystery Dinner: October 19th

Hosts are Needed! The Mystery Dinner is one of our most beloved Underwood fundraisers. This is a fun, festive, and delicious way to support our school and children. We are looking for dinner hosts who can serve 8-16 people, as well as appetizer and dessert hosts.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HOSTING or have any questions, please contact our Mystery Dinner Co-Chairs, Carolyn Gillespie or Katie Williams.

Here’s how it works:

  • In September, you will receive an invitation in your child’s backpack listing a dozen dinner themes. Underwood families host all of the dinners.
  • To sign up for this event, you’ll fill out a form indicating your 3 top choices among the listed theme dinners.
  • On Saturday, October 19th at 6:00pm, everyone attending the event gathers at one large appetizers party where we’ll all receive our mystery envelopes revealing an assigned dinner destination & theme (1 of your 3 choices).
  • After appetizers, you proceed to the respective dinners, to enjoy your meal with the small group of 8-16.
  • After dinner, everyone reconvenes for dessert and coffee at a surprise location.
  • Please save the date, get your childcare lined up and get ready for a great evening!

A few notes about the event:

  • Dinner hosts just serve dinner for 8-16 people (no appetizers or desserts!).
  • We are looking for a family to host appetizers. This is a big undertaking and if you have the space but would like a co-host to help with food and organizing just let us know.
  • We also need a dessert host (this tends to be a much smaller group than appetizers).
  • Want to host but don’t want to cook? Ask about being matched with a cook!
  • Want to cook but not at your house? We’ll find you a home!