Owl of the Month: Nurse Carrie

Since we can’t all meet in person at school, we wanted to highlight a different Underwood staff member each month so you can get to know the community from home!  This month we’ll get to know Nurse Carrie!

1. What is your name? Nurse Carrie (last name Gately)

2. What is your role at Underwood. I am the school nurse.

3. Where did you grow up? Newton Corner:)

4. What is your favorite Underwood tradition? Understanding Our Differences because I was a coordinator for 10 years when I was an Underwood parent and I met a lot of inspiring people and enjoyed watching the kids learn.

5. Do you have a favorite Fall activity? Enjoying the crisp air either by walking with a friend or playing outside with my 2 grandchildren.

6. Please share one piece of advice with the Underwood community. If you are annoyed with the behavior of a friend or family member, understand that they are likely not functioning at their best and probably need your support.

7. What’s your favorite color? Today my favorite color is yellow (because it is cheerful).

8. What’s your favorite thing to have for lunch?  Either a salad or Peanut Butter and Fluff.