Underwood and Ward Facility & Enrollment Study

In fall 2022, Mayor Fuller allocated $100,000 in ARPA funds to hire a Consultant for an Underwood and Ward Facility and Enrollment Study. Both Underwood and Ward occupy buildings that are nearly 100 years old, and both schools are experiencing enrollment declines that are beginning to impact the educational experience of students.

Perkins and Eastman Architects has been selected as the consultant and a task force has been established. The consultant and the task force will work together over the coming months to help the district identify and examine options to address facility, educational, and enrollment challenges at Underwood and Ward.

The task force will be meeting monthly and meetings are public. There will also be meetings with the staff and families at both schools, as well as community meetings and opportunities for staff, family and community input.

To learn more about the Underwood and Ward Task Force goals, process, and timeline, please visit the Underwood and Ward Facility and Enrollment Study webpageTask force presentations and meeting minutes will also be posted on the webpage.

Questions can also be emailed to npsunderwoodwardstudy@newton.k12.ma.us.