Nurse Carrie’s Home Health Room Videos

Video #1: Nurse Carrie takes care of Peety Pup

Announcing Nurse Carrie's Home Health Room Videos. To stay connected, Nurse Carrie will make a video every Friday and send it to you. The videos will also be updated on this website and posted on Facebook. Each video will take place on Nurse Carrie's tabletop Home Health Room. She will teach a mini health lesson while taking care of a student puppet.

Video #1: Nurse Carrie takes care of Peety Pup. Join Nurse Carrie this week as she takes care of the student puppet "Peety Pup". Through this skit, Nurse Carrie and Peety Pup will answer the following questions:

  1. What number on the thermometer means that you have a fever?
  2. Why do kids sometimes get fevers?
  3. How can you help your body when you have a fever?

After you watch the video, feel free to email Nurse Carrie and tell her what you liked about it. Please send any ideas for other health topics you would like to learn about. We hope you enjoy learning from Peety Pup :). 


Dear Underwood Families,

Usually I like to say “Greetings from the Underwood Health Room!” but now I will say, “Greetings from my house to yours!”

I hope you are all staying healthy and finding ways to keep busy and productive as you navigate a “new normal.”  As we all know, kids will feel okay if they feel their caregivers are okay so it is important to be positive and reassure them that things will get back to normal eventually.

Please tell your kids that Nurse Carrie says, “Hi… I miss you all!”  Tell them that I want them to wash their hands (using soap and water and scrubbing for 20 seconds) every time they come in from being outside the house and every time they eat or use the bathroom😊.  Tell them I suggest they play cards and board games, to draw, build a tent with blankets and furniture, create something out of an old box, make sock puppets, and go outside for a walk (but stay 6 feet apart from people outside their family). And of course, read:)

I want to emphasize that it is important to take social distancing seriously to stop the spread of this virus.  The public health doctors are very clear that every single small social contact helps perpetuate this virus exponentially and every single small avoided social contact helps stymie it exponentially.

This article by Asaf Bitton, a doctor and public health expert, explains it very well: 

Also if you go to the Newton Health and Human Services website, they have an amazing Covid- 19 FAQ section at the bottom of the home page which they update frequently: 

If students want to contact me by email please tell them to write and I will write them back. I will be checking my email every day:

Parents, feel free to reach out by email with any questions or concerns. You can tell me a time that is convenient to call you and I will call you back.

Thank you for all you are doing to care for your kids and for each other. We are all in this together and need to stay upbeat, kind, patient, and united.


Nurse Carrie