FY24 Budget Presentation

Dear Underwood Families,

This morning, Interim Superintendent Kathleen Smith shared the first draft of the budget for the 2023-24 school year. This budget was formed after months of consultation, feedback, and review by principals, department heads, and central staff. No proposal to reduce services and staff was taken lightly. However, with a nearly $5 million budget shortfall, we were forced to look at reductions across the district.

Here are the budget documents:

As you will see in the slide presentation, the district is experiencing significant financial pressure. Increasing student needs, dramatic increases in operating costs, ongoing use of one-time funds, and the failed operational override are all contributing to our budget challenges.

You will see specific reductions in elementary education. For Underwood School in SY2023-24, we anticipate the following as of right now:

  • Reduced aide support for kindergarten programming (1 per two classrooms)
  • Reduced music elective options for students in grades 4 & 5 (i.e. strings lessons & orchestra ensemble instruction will not be available)
  • No summer programming for incoming K students (Strong Start)
  • Elimination of disability awareness programming in grades 2-5 through Understanding Our Differences

This initial budget presentation is the start of the formal budget process. Over the next month, district leadership will work with the School Committee, the mayor, the City Council, and our state legislators to review and analyze the funding available for next year’s budget. As your principal, I will continue to do everything possible to protect Underwood’s ability to serve our students and to provide them with the opportunities they need and deserve.


Dr. Suzie Talukdar


Underwood School