Letter from Principal Talukdar – May 2022

Dear Underwood Families,

The recent weeks have been quite difficult as they have been filled with incomprehensible news about mass shootings involving the elementary school students in Texas, a church shooting specifically targeting Taiwanese worshippers, and a supermarket attack where a white supremacist sought to terrorize and murder Black community members. I have few words to describe my own feelings about these devastating events and recognize these realities are impossible to digest. As we process our own range of emotions, I am making a conscious effort to remind myself of the many wonderful things happening within our Underwood community.

Last week, I spent the day with an incredibly kind and smart 5th grade student who worked alongside me as “Principal for the Day.” Together, we visited classrooms at every grade level, joined morning meetings, assisted classroom teachers and students with a variety of activities, supported physical education and library classes, and even made a “special” rule impacting all students. This unique day was made possible through the Underwood PTO Auction, as were the numerous teacher-student experiences that many enjoyed last Wednesday afternoon. Whether completing a fun arts & crafts activity with classroom teachers, participating in a bootcamp with Mr. Gluck and Mrs. Tartaglino-Fahey, going out for ice-cream with Nurse Carey and Ms. Lacey, and so much more…our students and staff took time away from the hustle and bustle of the regular school day to simply enjoy time together and deepen our connection to Underwood School. It was awesome! In addition, last Friday, the annual 5th grade student vs. staff sporting event took place in a grueling battle of kickball. As I looked around the playground, I saw so many students and families who reflect our diverse, vibrant community basking in the beautiful sunshine to enjoy a simple yet joyous time together. 

How fortunate we are to be part of such a caring, kind and close-knit Underwood community. How fortunate I feel to serve as principal of this school and work in close partnership with our PTO as well as our Underwood Afterschool Program. Our community members support one another as we process through our nation’s tragedies and we also allow ourselves time to enjoy life’s simple moments, times that can be easily taken for granted. As I stand outside greeting our students in the morning, waving hello and goodbye to caregivers, and smelling the flowers recently planted by each classroom, I am reminded of how much there is to celebrate about Underwood each day. Sending hugs, love and light to you all 💕